General Terms and Conditions

The modules were taken by qualified personnel from TVs with fractured or defective displays. They are not new but fully functional at 100% and otherwise well tested. New modules, on the other hand, were purchased by us and never used. We recommend purchasing from highly trained personnel who can diagnose with certainty the cause of the defect in your device. These are very delicate products that can fail immediately if all necessary precautions are not taken. They can also fail each other if you have a TV with a faulty module that by connecting it to the one you purchased, you can destroy. Being non-new products, the warranty is 3 ( three ) months and in case of failure within this period,just contact us for replacement ( if available ) or partial refund equal to 80% of the module only. You are strongly advised not to make purchases if you have any doubts, to avoid unnecessary and lengthy disputes.


Opening an account at our site is super easy, but you must wait for our approval of your registration. You can register by clicking on the button at the top right [Login/Register], then on sign up and enter your email and password. When you register, you will automatically be sent an email to the email address you entered for registration, containing the form link to enter your store data, which is necessary for billing and shipping, so entering this data is preparatory for registration purposes If you do not receive an email when you register, please check your junk mail.. Alternatively, master data can be sent directly to the email address and will be verified and entered manually by us. If the data entered is correct, our system will approve your application for membership on the site, and then you will be able to log in to your account, fill the shopping cart, and proceed to purchase. Otherwise, your membership request will be rejected. Approval of your membership is required so that access to the catalog with its prices is restricted to retailers only. We reserve the right to do independent research on whether you meet the requirements for access to the catalog. Once you have opened your account, simply enter your email address and password to access it and place new orders.


The site catalog is updated continuously, regarding the new items offered on the home page and in the site departments. Our catalog includes electronic modules of LCD-Plasma TVCs and other parts. We provide detailed information about the products, with descriptive text,picture of each part and model with its production code.


The availability of a virtual shopping cart will allow you to visit the site by selecting all the items you are interested in. Each page with a product card contains an option to add it to the shopping cart. You can place as many products in the shopping cart as you wish. During your visit you can check the contents of the cart by clicking on the appropriate icon. Once you have found everything you were looking for, go to the checkout and proceed to purchase and payment, following the simple instructions and check that all your information is correct.


Payment can be made at the same time of purchase when checking out via Paypal, credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards. In our catalog there are items regularly in stock. It may happen, albeit rarely,that some items may be unavailable because they are out of stock. In such cases you will be contacted to be notified of the problem that has occurred and you may choose to order a new product or be refunded the difference using the same method by which payment was made.

Payment by check is not available. Remember to then complete the purchase process by placing your order. The order is not placed until you press the "Proceed to Purchase" button.

A copy of the order is automatically sent to the mailing address provided for enrollment. If you do not receive a copy of the order, check your junk mail box.

Credit cards and Paypal

Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard-Eurocard, CartaSi, American Express and Postepay credit cards are accepted. If, on the other hand, you choose to pay with Paypal, upon confirmation of your order you will be directed to the PayPal site where you can complete the payment process by entering your PayPal email address and password. Your financial information will not be shared with but will be handled directly by PayPal. You do not have to have any worries about your personal information or your credit card information, since to manage your data uses the secure payment service which involves the use of the security protocol and your data is encrypted and transmitted to the payment processor.


Shipping charges are calculated based on the weight of the package and will be automatically added up when you check out. It is possible to opt for two shipping options: expedited shipping, entrusted to SDA courier, to receive the goods within 3-5 working days; standard shipping, cheaper, entrusted to Nexive courier, to receive the goods within a week. In the latter case, it is possible to provide for payment by cash on delivery. You will be updated by email on the status of your order (delivery date, etc.) as soon as it is delivered to the courier.

The only valid data for shipping purposes are those you have communicated, so it is the customer's responsibility to check that all data entered or communicated is correct.

TV-MODULES cannot be held responsible for non-delivery or delayed delivery due to incorrect, incomplete addresses or without the information needed to locate the place of delivery. You may request that goods be delivered only after a certain date or at predetermined days and times. The order will be prepared, billed and charged at the time it is complete and will remain in storage in our warehouses until the day requested for delivery. Orders are processed Monday through Friday, with the following schedule: 09:00 - 18:00. Orders received by 12:00 noon will be given to the courier on the same day. Orders received after 12 noon will be included in the next day's shipment. Orders placed over the weekend will be processed beginning the following Monday morning. Finally, if placed on a holiday, they will be processed starting the following weekday.


If you have any questions about our products or how to purchase them, we are available at the landline number 0805565588, on Whatsapp at 0805565588 on mobile at 3331994505 or at the email address

Changes and returns

It is possible to make a return within 10 days of purchase in case the goods have defects that will first be evaluated directly in our laboratory. A refund will not be recognized in the following cases:

  1. The article appears to be fully functional.
  2. The item is tampered with or physically broken.
  3. If the anti-fraud seal is missing or partially removed.
  4. In case of code error by the buyer or non-compliance.
  5. If you wish to return the purchased item for reconsideration, the replacement must not be opened at all and must not be missing our seal to the cellophane. Opened modules with seal removed or cellophane cut on the connector side will not be refunded. This is to avoid modules being purchased primarily for testing and then sent back if you misdiagnose, asking for a refund. The module having been tampered with, there is no certainty of functionality unless a new test is done with a TV device that is not always immediately available. The cost of return will be borne by the purchaser and the refund will cover only the cost of the module purchased, excluding the cost of shipping, which can be refunded by following the procedure in this regard directly on the PayPal site.